Alli (soylent_green13) wrote,

update on my life for anyone who may care

Hey is very different.

random info:

-living with Philip in very cool apartment. it is going very well. i never really thought I would love someone like I do him. he's a really good person. i can tell he's happy when i walk into the room. it makes me feel very wanted and loved. sometimes i feel like a lot of things in the world are dog shit. but more often than that i feel that all is not/never lost.

-i've recently lost someone very important to me. on february 1st my uncle ron suffered a bleeding brain aneurysm and multiple strokes came after. from february 1st until he passed away april 2nd he lay in a hospital bed virtually unresponsive. never have i experienced true pain like I did during that time. i still feel like he's here and feel i will never accept that he's really gone. if it hurts this bad everyday I can't imagine what the holidays will bring. I fear the death of my parents more than ever. i was lucky to have philip during this time. i've tried to tell him, but am not sure if he'll ever know.

-started first 'real' job at Humana. it is okay. good money. it is corporate and all that jazz. i really like all my co-workers a lot. it makes me feel like I'm back in high school or something sometimes. there's a lot of characters there.

-Bella is doing well. she graduates pre-school tomorrow. she's says i'm her best friend and we have a club called 'girls team' that only she and I are in. it's fun. sometimes I get a little crazy. and I mean that in the best way possible. i love her and I'm still learning all that kid stuff. it's really overwhelming and hard sometimes.

so yeah all that stuff happening at once. 2007 has been a crazy year and it's only may!

I'm in metamorphosis i think.
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