Alli (soylent_green13) wrote,


I'm pretty sure that I have nothing to offer anyone. My mother and father don't believe I am doing everything I can to find a job. Granted, they think I should apply to every shitty piece of dogchowder in the universe. My mother suggested maybe I needed to "leave the area." I don't want to leave. I have multiple friends that felt if they left they would be happier...maybe some are...but they're broke. I'm fucking tired of going to school. But I'd go back. I just want an employer to pay for it. I feel like I should have like a part time job to get some money or something. But it's really hard to go back to places like that when you thought you were done with them. I can't go back to Gabes. it smells funny there. the lights suck my soul straight out of my eyes. OU classes started a couple weeks ago. maybe that's what has me all depressed. I love my parents but they're starting to annoy me. so I stay out with Phil all the time. I do feel bad about hardly ever seeing them, but I get depressed around the;s nothing personal. Things will be better when this passes.
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