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god damn me

I have a hang over. On a Thursday. If I had a job I would not get hang overs in the middle of the week. Sure, I say "I'll never drink again," but eventually I will again. But not for a while that is....oh no not for a while. Then when I do drink I'll think "hey, no won't have a headache." I will get one and be here again....saying god damn me. I want a shower. and vegetable soup. and nap. and quiet. Woe is me.

It's a wine headache too. I don't get hangovers often but when I do they are god damn unbelievable. At least I don't feel the way I felt after the infamous "Jager night." Sweet Jesus that almost makes me feel better because what I feel now isn't a fraction of what I was dealing with that night. Okay, that does take the sting off a little.
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